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Increasing Net Competency

As a Leader, you need to ensure equity of opportunities for everyone in the team. Being good at distribution of opportunities makes sure everyone on your team is motivated, challenged and has plenty of room to grow.

There’s one thing that helps in distributing opportunities across your team well.

Good leaders ought to focus on increasing the net competency of the team.

Here’s how you do it

  • Given the time at hand and the complexity of the project, who is the junior-most person on your team who can grab it and do a good job?
  • Provided there is sufficient time in the project to allow for occasional mistakes and slip-ups (of which there will be many), the junior person would benefit the most in this arrangement.

But in the long run, the entire team wins.

In the long run

  • You send a strong signal to the junior person that you trust them with a bigger responsibility – almost all ‘Trending up’ folks are looking for the arena and this is you giving them that.
  • By allowing them time to make mistakes and learn, you take them through the experience of what higher performance looks like and how to unlock it within them.
  • And here is the most important win: You end up creating more number of high performers. The reliance on the current top performers goes down and you can even graduate them to bigger & different challenges.

This is a good way to increase the Net Competency of your team, and fundamentally how teams grow and become more capable, stronger and talented.