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Design leader with an innate love for building products with high-quality design.

2020 – Now

SVP, Design
The Unacademy Group

I'm leading the talented design team at Unacademy and its group companies (UnacademyX, NextLevel, and Graphy).

Unacademy, 2022
Unacademy HQ in Bangalore, 2022

2017 – 2020

Design Lead,
Searchbox & Autocomplete, Google Search
G Suite, Google Cloud

I led the user experience of the Searchbox & Autocomplete experience – the most used text-field in the history of the Internet.

At G Suite, I worked on the Enterprise UX team where I led the revamp of critical modules in the Admin Console.

Googleplex, 2019
Googleplex in Mountain View, 2019

In the last 10+ years, I've designed web & mobile products for small & mid-sized startups and large organizations around the world.

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