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Simple Ways to Build Career Alpha

These are not for everyone, but very useful if you want to build better habits that compound over time and give you an edge in your career.

  • Most people are lazy, and lack bias (and intent) for action.

  • Most people don’t want to work hard or put in more effort than others.

  • Most people don’t sweat the details.

  • Most people don’t pay attention to how they communicate (written & spoken).

  • Most people don’t seek critical feedback.

  • Most people aren’t self-critical, and don’t take responsibility (often externalising their failures).

  • Most people aren’t curious to learn and get better.

  • Most people obsess about tools, but never discipline & consistency.

  • Most people can’t comprehend the power of compounding (in skills, money, capability), and lack the patience for it.

  • Most people don’t follow through on their commitments.

If you are not ‘most people’ above, you’re ahead.