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My Framework for Delight

There are a lot of interpretations out there of the word Delight in the context of Design – almost to the point where the jury is still out there on what it really means. The most popular interpretations are references to what Delight does to the user of the product.

When defined right, pursuit of Delight can be very powerful to help you design better.

For me at the core, users seek 3 simple things from a product and are delighted when they get them –

  1. Speed & intelligence (Capability): What it can do
  2. Reduction in anxiety & peace of mind (Reliability): How it does that
  3. Reaffirmation (Messaging): How it talks to you (through words and more)

This is not to say that a product cannot do more. This is to say that a product doesn’t need to do more.

A product is delightful when it brings the user closer to their goal.