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Are You at the Right Workplace?

I want to share a quick framework to check whether you’re at a net-career-positive workplace or not.

It all boils down to 3 simple things:

  • Time at work should be genuinely fun.
    • Do you have people around you that energise you?
    • Do you have people that lift you up on tough days at work?
    • Do you remain upset because of and about work for many days with no fixing function?
    • Do you look forward to going to work every day?
    • Do you miss your coworkers when you or they are away for long?
  • Work should be challenging.
    • Do you sense that you have a long way to go towards being the best in your function?
    • Do your coworkers feel inspirational to you by the virtue of their skills?
    • Do you frequently find yourself seeking help from your coworkers in solving complex problems?
    • If a very complex and demanding project is coming up, do you feel like you’re the best person to be given that responsibility?
    • Do the projects you work on feel repetitive or mundane? Do they have nuances you have to tackle that you haven’t before?
  • Work should have enough aspirational people you look up to.
    • Are there domain stalwarts that you admire at work?
    • Are they accessible and able to share their learnings with you? Do they do that often?
    • Are you able to comfortably rely on them for continuous guidance?
    • Are they someone who you would like to be one day?

These should be good enough to give you the right answer, and a path forward.