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Brief Note on Portfolios

I appreciate the conversations around design portfolios that rear their heads every now and then in the design zeitgeist on the Internet.

Personally I see a lot of value in them and wish more designers spent time in building theirs (although I understand why they don’t or can’t).

My portfolio

Speaking of my own portfolio, no single project has been more impactful in my career than my portfolio. It took me ~4 months to from start to end. Much of it was me trying to figure out React since I wanted to learn something new while building the site. I made the components that allowed me to create the custom layouts I needed to tell the stories. In the hindsight, this was a lot of fun.

So here it is: dont.design 🎉 (amazing domain, amirite?)

As I said above, at some point it becomes difficult to keep the portfolio up-to-date. Right now is that time for me. But the current state of the site should give you a good idea of my work pre-Google.

Other great portfolios

Here’s an amazing list that my good friend Brian Lovin curated recently so check that out if you’re looking for inspiration.